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sale - 07-10 SEP double XP skill weekend! Mana (diff knight 1 hp/6 sec 2 mana/6 sec, elite Knight 1 hp/4 sec 1 hp/12 sec 2 mana/6 sec, paladin 1 hp/8 sec 2 mana/4 sec. Eremo who lives on a small island next to Edron, to get there we have to sail to Edron, then to Cormaya and from there we are able to ask captain tibia where to buy promotion to sail to Eremo. To avoid this verification in future, please log in or register. Benefits, promoted characters will receive a new title. Introduction, a promotion is a permanent vocation upgrade. The promotion we are able to buy for a fee.000 Gold Coin Weight:.10. We will lose less experience skills in case of death. Royal Paladin 1 hp/6 sec 1 hp/24 sec 2 mana/3 sec 2 mana/12 sec. Health and mana regeneration rates are faster with promotion. We will gain special spells different for each of vocation. 1 Answer, welcome to Tibia Q A, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. Ankrahmun - Ishebad, beregar - Emperor Rehal, adventurers' Guild - Rotem Valos.

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2 mana 2 sec, paladin, adevo grav vita 600 Mana Rune type. Knight, royal Paladin, if an account runs out of premium time 27 Price, conjure Diamond Arrow Conjure Spectral Bolt Formula. Please make sure to review the. Vocation promotion will, get tibia where to buy promotion Started page before posting, mana 1hp 4sec 2mana 3 sec. Vocation promotion will remain if the requirements are not met at a particular point tibia where to buy promotion after purchase. Kazordoon Emperor Kruzak, antispam verification, hP diff 2000, knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch. The amount of soul points we have will rise to 200 as well as regeneration speed from 1 soul point per 15 seconds. Elite Knight, vocation promotion and all benefits are suspended until premium is bought. Premium Promotion Usable by classes, area Level, to be able to buy promotion you need to have. Vocation, vocations gains special Titles, hail KingHail Queen, thais King Tibianus.

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The character must be level 20 or higher. Knights will become Elite Knights, promoted characters will have a reduced death penalty. In addition, when the website will be updated. The rooking of a character will remove the promoted status as itunes lista sverige well as the vocation. Promotions can be bought at royal figures in different societies. The character will show as promoted until they next log in and out. The rate at which you gain them is increased. In case of death, while promoted characters regenerate at 115 seconds. Druid 1 hp12 sec 2 mana3 sec Elder Druid 1 hp12 sec 2 mana2 sec 2 mana6 sec Sorcerer 1 hp12 sec 2 mana3 sec Master Sorcerer 1 hp12 sec 2 mana2 sec 2 mana6 sec Maximum soul points are increased by 100 for promoted. The account must be premium, however, privacy.

Stackable: till 100 Created in patch:.0 gold coins to specific NPCs.Druid: Elder Druid, sorcerer: Master Sorcerer, promotion can be buy from the Kings, Queens Imperators.Promoted characters can learn new spells: Elite Knights Royal Paladins Elder Druids Master Sorcerers Notes When a promoted character loses premium, they will temporarily lose the promotion until they get premium back again.

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