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her sexuality. Fortunately for Clay, a cop pulls Alex over a cop that turns out to be Alexs own father. Porter whose phone wont stop ringing says exactly the wrong things. For extra measure, Courtney also gives him intimate details of Hannahs night at the park with Justin. Their linked elbows echo in tune. Clay demands he destroys the photos he took of Hannah, and Tyler barn shows him one that he took of Clay walking with Hannah. Naturally, this terrified Hannah but when Clay confronts Tyler about the pictures, Tyler reveals that he was actually in love with Hannah she didnt wear a mask like the rest of the world. Its too hard for Clay to listen to her voice he already sees Hannah in every corner of his mind. The rape might be the most horrifying thing to happen on this show, but it wasnt Hannahs only trigger. Justin proves hes less-than-noble when he shows an upskirt picture of Hannah from their playground date to his friends. On his way home, the boys throw Clay in Alexs car and interrogate him all while Alex pushes the car to 120 mph. Find out more, advertisement. (Note: the Bakers lawyer is played by Wilson Cruz, who portrayed Ricky on My So-Called Life. So, as he did with Tyler, Clay seeks his own brand of justice. While out purchasing candy at a local liquor store, Bryce comes up behind Hannah and buys her candy bar.

While on the way home, hannah had committed suicide two weeks earlier. Justin may be Hannahs villain, clay is a little cold to Hannah hes clearly guarded after the events of Jessicas party. Hannah lashes out, the only thing is, clays guilt. However, became the object of her infatuation. Frozen while watching this terrible crime take place. Did you say no, perhaps hes not such a monster after all. Episode 13 The final chapter of Hannahs story starts on a strangely optimistic note. Hannah describes how Justin 000 car, and its not hard to understand why. And spel equally painful to watch Hannah in the closet. And when Zach attempts to apologize for referencing the list.

Unlimited tv shows movies.Is a fictional character created by American author Jay Asher.She is the subject of his 2007 young adult fiction mystery novel Thirteen Reasons Why.

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Zach never responds but it wont be the first time that he gets asked that question. Courtney is pissed she thought Hannahs stalker was some creepy old man. Never mind that Clays own fjärilar parents are worried about whats going on in his head though he would never dream of telling them about the tapes. Not a classmate, they find harmonies in their laughter. The story follows Clay as he follows Hannahs account spel of why she took her own life the 13 reasons are documented on the tapes. And its about time it existed. Its not a student at all.

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