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of Terra and escaped into the Eye of Terror with a very large number of bodies (Space Marine legions frequently numbered up to 100,000 members by the time of the Heresy). As the Speartip Strike Command Benefit allows all of your units with the Deep Strike special rule to begin coming in on turn 1, and the unit with your Warlord to automatically come in turn 1, you can pull some fun shenanigans. They still unite every now and then when Angron wants to fuck something's shit up, such as Cadia. A "Meta-History" of Sorts edit I suppose we should start at the beginning? Starting there, Id take the maximum number of Chosen units each at five strong with maxed special weapons. 3rd Ed: Roller Coaster into Awesome edit Third edition started by screwing everyone: the rules were fucked up to try and shift the balance of power towards infantry and away from characters (so sayeth GW, anyway). Other times, marines "caught" some Chaos taint due to fighting Chaos too much without proper Librarian control (bonus points if Librarians themselves get konto corrupted committing terrible crimes in their fights against Ruinous Powers, or trying to fight Chaos with Chaos, like the Relictors. Revelation 6:8, chaos up in this motherfucker. Las Vegas Open here to discuss building some fun, themed lists using the new. However, their ranks are quickly filled by the millions of volunteers who sign up because god damn that paint job looks cool actually its because Failbaddon keeps stealing other legion's troops or 'buying' them and daemons with big promises he can't keep. Marines dedicated to Khorne are usually called Khorne Berzerkers, after the Berzerkers of the World Eaters Legion, of whom Kharn (swell guy by the way) is the most famous. This gives you a great foundation to your army that can start on the board to provide fire support, or come in from reserves and threaten backfield units and objectives.

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